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Moses Bottles from Poland Spring Inn



        The Moses Bottles were first created for the grand opening of the Poland Spring Hotel, Poland Spring, Maine in 1876.  They were filled with the famous Poland Spring Water and given as souvenirs to those who attended the opening.

        Over the years 1876 - 1972, 43 different varieties of Moses Bottles were created for Poland Spring Water, Gin, Sloe Gin and Whiskey.  Often a bottle would be made to commemorate a special event.  Because of the wide variety of types, sizes, colors and the uniqueness of the shape, the Moses Bottle has always been a noted addition to any collection.

        One of the most popular Moses Bottles is the 1925 type.  1925 was the last year the clear Poland Spring Moses Water Bottle was made.  It is the fourth of the "facsimiles" (all bottles made after the destruction of the original mould in a fire around 1878 were  marked "facsimile").  Each new generation of Moses Bottle has it's own characteristics and the 1925 Moses is no exception.  The facial features were broad to begin with and the more the mould was used the flatter his features became; thus the nickname "Old Flat Face".  As a rule these bottles also have a high iridescence.  Today the 1925 bottle in good condition sells for $65.

        One of the prettiest Moses Bottles ever made has to be the 1931 Honeymoon Bottle.  Made in quart size, this brilliant Emerald green bottle was given as a special gift to honeymooning couples staying at the Poland Spring Hotel.  Today's value is $175 to $200.


1931 Quart Honeymoon Bottle in Emerald Green.  $175.00

At top, left to right:  1931 Emerald Honeymoon; 1925 clear "Flat face"; 1876 Honey Amber Original; 1876 Aqua Original; 1876 Amber Original;  Unknown date Olive Green Flat top; 1911 Clear that turns Amethyst.


Above left:  1925 Clear "Flat face"

1935 Pint Amber Liquor with glass ball stopper.  $90.00

The 1893 and the 1911 Clear Moses Water Bottle will turn amethyst when left in the sun.  This is due to the manganese that was added to the glass for a clearer product.  The amethyst was a welcome surprise for the bottle collector.  It was not as appreciated, however, in other glass products of the day that manganese was added to; for example,  window panes.  Nice and clear, but purple!


          Another style of interest is the One Cup Limited Editions.  These miniature versions were made from 1914 until the mid 1920s in both clear and Emerald green glass.  $225. to $495.

          Shortly after the repeal of Prohibition a new family of Moses Bottles appeared: Gin and Whiskey bottles in pint, quart and fifth sizes in clear, honey amber and green glass.   Values:  $15 to $85.

Ask us about any of the Moses Bottles mentioned or shown on this page.  We have the rarer bottles in our museum, but many 

others are in stock for sale.  For more interesting facts and information on how you can get your own copy of the book 

"The Moses Bottle" by Pal Vincent, 

"The Moses Bottle"

(with updated price list)

by Pal Vincent


"Not solitude but friendliness

  Beguiles the passing hour;

With comrades near,

our cares grow less,

  Life blossoms as a flower."

- The Charm of Poland Spring and Other Poems

by Nard Leckler



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