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Meadow Mountain Paperweights of Maine


In a remote and beautiful part of mid-coast Maine, Meadow Mountain Designs was founded in 1982 with the specific intention of providing a special kind of "desk jewelry".  Using innovative, contemporary, as well as traditional methods to produce each piece, one craftsman, relying on high standards of beauty and perfection, sees his creation grow from molten metal to a perfect Meadow Mountain Design.  The treatment of the pewter often requires as many as a dozen different casting, cleaning, engraving, chasing, coloring and drying operations to bring out the "life" in each design.  The crystal domes are lime crystal pressed from Victorian era precision molds.  The designs come from sea, nature and the pages of history.  Also available are professional symbols and your own request made to order.  Contact us  for more information.  Priced from $65.00 - $200.00.

LEFT:  New Design - Lighthouse $200 


"Ever Vigilant"








We are please to offer the service paperweights shown above.  Mr. Hill has been working on these for several years.  He has been meticulous with the detail, conferring with personnel from the military to get the seals as accurate as possible.  Show your pride in the Service you or a loved one is a member of.  In these times the brave men and women of our military are always in our thoughts and prayers.

$98.00 each
NOTE: We now have the paperweight for Coast Guard and Firemen!


            To Order please call us at (207) 633-4225 or Email us at:

updated on Wednesday, December 10th, 2014