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North Country Wind Bells are made right here on the Coast of Maine.  Each one is hand made and shaped from quality steel. All of these fabulous bells are now powder coated with a durable outdoor weathering finish. They are designed to hang outdoors year-round, and will not twist, tangle or break.

Please note that if you are having trouble hearing the bells, you might need to switch or update your internet browser. This is especially true of Safari.

Measurements listed are for the bell itself. The hanging chain is 7" long and may be adjusted. The buoy hanger and chain is 9"-12" long, depending on the size of the bell.


   Maine Harbor Bell Buoy Wind Chimes   

Bass Harbor


Click To Hear Bell

Bass Harbor is so reflective of a little fishing village that is located on the quiet side of Mount Desert Island, home of Acadia National Park.
13" Tall - Single Tone 

Bar Harbor


Bar Harbor...Capture the majesty of nature, where wind, water, fog, forest and mountains create an ever-changing tapestry of sound and beauty. 

14" Tall - Triple Tones

Boothbay Harbor


A bustling and busy harbor offering peace and respite from the Atlantic Ocean's power, our Boothbay Harbor Bell reflects the mellow calm that overtakes all at day's end.
10" Tall - Triple Tones 

Castine Harbor    


Rich in history and securely in the heart of the Maine coast, this bell commemorates the deep spirit of past wartime defense in the Revolutionary War.
13" Tall - Double Tones 

Camden Reach


There is no better sight than the Camden Hills seen at sunset from the water. Inspired by the bell buoys found outside Camden's harbor, this bell captures the delight shared by all sailors on Maine's Penobscot Bay.
12" Tall - Triple Tones 

Pemaquid Harbor



This bell is deep and profound, like the craggy Pemaquid Peninsula. With history stretching back before America's settlement, the land and its coves have welcomed sailors for over 350 years. 

18" Tall - Triple Tones

Portland Head



Rich in history, since the early 1600's. Portland's Harbor has seen world trading by clipper ships and even bombarded by the Royal Navy in 1775! Now the steadfast harbor buoys ensure safe guidance for fishing vessels, tankers, ferries, and cruise ships that visit and work in this famous Maine port of call.
12" Tall - Double Tones 


Other Wonderful Wind Chimes   


Compass Rose Bell


Sea faring mariners... listen to the evoking sound of these bells in your own ports of call choosing Port or Starboard, complete with the Compass Rose design in gold or black!  These wind bells will chart your spirits to the sea!  Powder coated to endure the weathering elements and crafted to last for many years to come!

14" Tall - Triple Tones


Fireman's Bell


This bell has three melodic tones and a beautiful textured 'fire engine' red color.  The white windcatcher depicts the courage a bravery every fireman puts forth.  An excellent gift for the men and women that are the guardians of us all!

10" Tall - Triple Tones


Ships Bell


What a fabulous new bell.  The sound of this bell is a perfect replica of a traditional ships bell.  We love it!  

7" Tall X 4" Wide.

Prospect Lighthouse




".......close your eyes and place yourself on a dock, whether it be on a lake, river or on a beloved ocean cove. Listen for the halyards hitting the masts, the floating bell buoy and a ship's bell alerting it's arrival into the harbor.    All bells are made of steel and powder coated a white texture coating to last for years outdoors.  Over time patina will occur, but the melodious sounds will last for many years of listening pleasure. " 

8.25" Tall - 5 sided - multiple tones 

Freedom Rings



This bell carries the American Spirit with a compelling solo tone reminiscent of the Liberty Bell representing America's passion for their country, encircling power, enduring justice, independence, liberty, fortitude and freedom for all! The Freedom Rings BellTM proudly hangs a bronze color Liberty Bell wind-catcher with 'USA' engraved within it.

14" Tall - Single Tone 

Sea Gong


Our largest bell to date in three deep tones, will drop ship. Measures 32" in pyramid. A very distinctive gong for any special domain by land, lake, river, or ocean.

32" Tall - Three tones.



This famous island is known both for its natural beauty and the courage of its sailors. Our Nantucket Bell warmly represents these characteristics. Imagine a gull soaring high on the breeze, a ship in full sail against the horizon, your home port's comfort each time you hear this lovely tone.

18" Tall - Single Tone


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