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Fish Decoys

These decoys are handcrafted and the majority come from the Great Lakes region.  They were used to lure the sluggish, cold fish swimming along the bottom to the top of the pond while spear fishing through the ice.  They are as imaginative as the artist/fisherman could make them.  The critters were primarily made in the second half of the last century (20th that is!).  We also have a large collection of decoys made much earlier than that.  Ask us for details.  Prices start at $75.00.

Flag Fish No longer available



Sunfish with metal eyes $75.00

Fish on the right $75.00

Brown Pike with metal eyes sold



Ladybug with glass eyes SOLD

Mouse with glass eyes $95.00

Chipmunk with glass eyes $125.00

Skunk with glass eyes $95.00

Otter with glass eyes $110.00

Mallard with glass eyes SOLD



Blue Jay $100.00

Penguin $100.00 

Cardinal SOLD

Woodpecker $110.00 Robin $100.00



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