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Coon's Farm Lotion Bars 

Our customers tell us these are the best Lotion Bars on the market.  These bars are a solid moisturizer. The warmth of your hands activates the bar, leaving your skin silky smooth. The lotion lasts through several hand washing and is great for hands, feet and elbows.  For extra dry hands or feet, apply heavily at bed time. Doing so while wearing cotton gloves or socks will deep condition your skin while you sleep.

Made with Soy which seals in the butter and oils to keep skin moist;  Shea Butter for rejuvenation, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. All Lotion Bars come packed in a decoratively labeled 3 oz recyclable tins.  

Lotion Bars are $9.95 per tin. 



Winter & Holiday Scents


Christmas Spice: 

An irresistible  blend of spice, woods & sweetness

Snow Angel: 

Soft, fresh and clean as the fallen snow.

Mistletoe Kiss: 

Fruit mixed with Jasmine, Rose, White Musk, & Vanilla

Sleeping Angels: 

Light and Airy

Sugar Plum: 

Sweet and pleasantly plum

Iced Peppermint: 

A cool refreshing blast of mint

Pine Needle: 

Woody, green pine odor of freshly cut tree.  

Hot Chocolate:

Comfort of hot chocolate and marshmallows.


Comfort of hot chocolate and marshmallows.


Fruity & Floral Scents



Cranberry Fig: 

An excellent mix of tart cranberry & the sweet mild allure of fig.  

Sweet Orange: 

Just like a fresh picked orange

 French Lilac

  Smells like the real thing!

Lemon Lift: 

Refreshing, bright upbeat scent that lets the sunshine in

Cherry Almond: 

Mild, sweet & very smooth

Spiced Cranberry: 

Sweet & tart

Lily of the Valley: 

 A true version of a favorite flower.  

Red Mac Apples: 

Smells like a fresh picked Red Mac Apple

Wild Blueberry: 

With the wonderful scent of fresh picked blueberries

Strawberries & Champagne

Incredible fresh juicy strawberries & bubbly champagne.

Ripe Raspberry: 

Lots of character with a added touch of floral, green & citrus.

Peony Petals: 

Delightfully fresh and true

Pink Grapefruit:

Lots of character with a added touch of floral, green & citrus.

Mango Papaya: 

Fruity, tropical & sweet


Calming, anti inflammatory, mild antibiotic

Cucumber Melon:

Fresh cucumber & a light mix of melons.  


Fruity and tart.

Applejack & Peel

A fresh blend of apple, orange peel, spices & a touch of vanilla


Apple Blossom:

A stroll through a local orchard.  



Simply Scrumptious Scents


Sea Spice: 

A masculine ocean scent, with notes of musk.  


A fresh clean scent of the ocean.

Amber Nights: 

A warm, sweet, subtle fragrance sure to awaken your senses.

Morning Dew: 

A light blend of rose, daisy lily & daffodil.  

Stress Relief: 

Peppermint & Spearmint, Helps reduce fatigue & uplifts the spirit  

Naked Ladies: 

An unusual powdery floral derived from a beautiful flower from the Amaryllis family.

Cool Peppermint: 

A cool refreshing blast of mint.

Pink Sugar: 

Sweet lemon drops & cotton candy mixed with fruit, fig, caramel & vanilla

Milk & Honey: 

Mellow & soothing with just a hint of sweetness.  

Butterfly Kisses

Light floral scent.


For sensitive skin and/or noses



Also Available

Beach Blast:  A fun blend of pineapple, coconut & honeydew melon.

Fresh Cut Flowers (New! ): A heady blend of flowers, leaves & stems.

Fresh Peach: Tart, sweet, juicy, and wonderfully realistic.

Green Tea:  Very unique herbal scent. Smooth & uplifting.

My Secret Crush: Blend of apple, peach, plum, raspberry & lemon oil to a finish of musk

Oh Man!: Citrus, hay, musk, green, fresh air, musk, oak moss, & patchouli.

Red Clover Tea: Fresh & relaxing.

Red Current:  Sweet & tart  at the same time. A very intoxicating berry scent.

Sweetgrass:  A complex, fresh grassy fragrance with a bit of a sweet note.

Sweet Pea:  A floral favorite from Grandma’s garden.

Tea Tree:  Anti fungal that stimulates the immune & respiratory systems.

Vanilla Cream:  A very warm rich, sweet, high powered vanilla.

Wild Rose:  A beautiful rose scent with a touch of tartness.

Lotion Bars are $9.95 per tin. 


            To Order please call us at (207) 633-4225 or Email us at:

updated on Wednesday, December 10th, 2014