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Updated Maine Balsam Products

For quick and easy ordering call 207-633-4225.
Please call and check for availability, as not all designs
are in stock this time of year.



Embroidered Pillows




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What has to be the quintessential authentic Maine souvenir? 


     According to Elizabeth Peavey in her article in Down East magazine it is the little log cabin with balsam incense whisping from the chimney.  If incense is not your thing but you still crave the fresh, clean scent of the Maine woods, we also carry a selection of Maine made balsam pillows.  


All Pillows & Draft Stops are filled with Fresh MAINE Balsam!

Balsam Fir Incense
32 cones & a burner.

Balsam Fir Incense
24 classic sticks and a burner. Comes in both the classic green box and the white Holiday box.

Pine Incense
32 cones & a burner.


Balsam Filled

Tapestry Pillows

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to see available designs.

Embroidered Pillows

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to see available designs.



Click picture of pillow to see available designs.



Log Cabin Incense Burner with 10 balsam incense logs 

Bagged balsam fir
(approx. 16oz) 

The design for this incense burner was carved by Maine artist Harry Smith.  The burner comes with 10 blueberry incense cones.  $7.95 Refills available.  

Balsam or Blueberry Oil 

oz.     $5.95


               Maine Blueberries and Maine Cranberries

Blueberry scented hot pad,
6" square     $9.95
"Maine" blueberry balsam pillow,
5" x 7"     $12.95
"Basket of blueberries" balsam pillow,
5" x 7"    $12.95
Blueberry balsam bag with
pinecone accent,

3" x 5"    $9.95
Blueberry balsam draft stop.

Cranberry balsam pillow,
6" x 6"    $7.95
Cranberry balsam bag with
pinecone accents,

3" x 5"    $9.95
Cranberry balsam mini "hanger",
3" x 3"    $5.50


            To Order please call us at (207) 633-4225 or Email us at:

updated on Wednesday, December 10th, 2014