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Luke Adams

New England's Premier Glass Artist

Glassblowing was invented in Venice over 1000 years ago.  The tools and techniques we use are much the same as those developed in Italy and require years of practice.  The glass, heated to 2000 degrees is stretched, and blown into shape.

Luke Adams is a studio artist working in Massachusetts.
"As an Artist, I have always been inspired by the power
of fire and excited by the endless possibilities of color."
Each piece is signed.



Twisted Starfish!  Each of the 5 points on the starfish has a twisted end giving a modern look to a seaside favorite!

$35 each


Twisted Hearts In wonderful, bright colors, often with hints of gold.  Adds beauty to any window and can also be used as a paperweight.   

$35 each



In wonderful, bright colors.  Adds color and charm to any window. 

$30 each


These pumpkins come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Small 5" = $35     Medium 6" = $45     Large 7" = 55





A New Design:
6" Long